Monday, July 16, 2012

Carmel Beach Sunset Dog Walk - oil on panel - 8" x 12"

At point of sunset on Carmel Beach, California the sun's last rays caught and shone through the top of the wave making it a transluscent light green.

Speckles of light reflected off the shoreline in an array of colors, also backlighting the Vizsla dog and it's owner, who seem to glide on a palette of shimmering diffused light!

The painting has a fresh delicate sparkle showing what Carmel Beach is all about.

Recently the Del Monte Kennel Club held their All-Breed Dog Show at the Carmel Middle School where more than 3000 dogs of all breeds competed for prizes.

Walking your dog on the beach is pure delight and very entertaining - it is also a great way to meet other dog owners as the dogs have no reservations making friends!

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